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Verdi - Gala

19.02.2011 Sunday. Starts at 19:00

Verdi - Gala

Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, Triumphalnaya Ploshchad, 4 / 31

Playing performance:

Nabucco Overture
"Nabucco" Introductory Choir Coro d'Introduzione «Gli arredi festivi»
"Rigoletto" Song of the Duke of the third act of «La Donna e mobile» («Heart of Beauty")
"Masquerade" Spell Ulrike from the 1 st of Redell'abisso, affrettati, precipita per l'etra »(« the king of darkness underground ")
"Don Carlos" The duo of Don Carlos and Rodrigo of the first act of «Dio, che nell'alma infondere amor» («You who sowed in the hearts of love")
Nabucco Chorus of the captive Jews «Va, pensiero, sull'ali dorate» («You're beautiful, of Our Fatherland!")
"Attila" Attila aria from the first steps «Mentre gonfiarsi l'anima»
"Force of Destiny" Aria of Leonora from 4 of the «Pace, pace mio Dio» («Peace, peace, O God")
"Macbeth" Chorus of Scottish immigrants «Patria oppressa» («oppressed Homeland)
"Macbeth" Drinking from the second of Si colmi il calice («He filled the cup")
«Stabat Mater» from the "Four Spiritual Drama
"La Traviata" duet Alfredo and Violetta from the first steps «Un di, felice, eterea» («At that moment, a moment of happiness I have met you")
"La Traviata" Aria of Violetta in the first act of «Ah, forse lui che l'anima solinga ne'tumulti» («Art thou not me in the stillness of the night in sweet dreams come")
"La Traviata" Aria Jermon of the 2 nd of «Di Provensa il mar, il suol chi dal cor ti cancello?» («You forgot the edge of his dear")
Troubadour Choir of Roma from the 2 nd of "Look at the sky the dawn began to play"
Troubadour Song Azucena «Stride la vampa!» («The flame is burning")
"Don Carlos" Philip's aria from the 4th of «Ella giammai m'amo» («No, I did not love me")
"Aida" Aida Monologue «Ritorno Vincitor» («Come back with a victory for us") from the first steps
"Aida" Grand Final of the second act «Glodia all'Egiitto, ad Iside» («Glory to Egypt and the gods")
La traviata drinking song «Libiam, ne'lieti calici» («High we raise our goblets of fun")


Gennady Dmitryak /Russia/