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Tomona Miyadzaki

Tomona Miyadzaki (piano) , Japan

Tomona Miyadzaki was born in 1978 at pref.Kagawa Japan.
She graduated from the dept. of Instrumental Music of Faculty of Music at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music (Geidai) in 2000 and entered the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory the same year (class of Professor Valery Kastelsky).

In 2003 she finished post-graduate study at the Moscow Conservatory (class of Professor Sergei Dorensky). At present Tomona Miyadzaki continues her fruitful performance activity while staying in Russia.

Tomona has been acquiring experience under the supervision of A. Kitagawa, M. Harimoto, Y. Hosoda, H. Czerny-Stefanska, V. Kastelsky, A. Traub, S. Dorensky, V. Vitaite. T. Gaidamovich and A. Bonduryansky introduced her to the world of chamber music.

In 1994 she won the 1-st prize at the All Japan Student Music Concours in Osaka for high school student category. And in 2004 she was awarded the 1-st prize among piano soloists in F subgroup (26 years old and elder participants) during an International Competition «Music without limits» in Lithuania.

Since 1996 up to now, she had performed at the various concerts held in Japan as well as in Russia, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Spain and Austria.

In 1996 she had performed Rachmaninov piano concerto No.1 with Kansai Philharmonic Orchestra, in 2001 performed J.S. Bach concerto for piano and orchestra BWV1056 with Nara Philharmonic Orchestra (Japan), and in 2006 performed Tchaikovsky's piano concerto No.1 with Japan Gebandhaus Philharmonic Orchestra (Japan).

In 2003, her first CD album «LUX EX TENEBRIS» and in 2005 her second CD album «VIA AD SECRETUM» has been issued.