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Igor Goldenberg

Igor Goldenberg (organ) , Russia


Igor Goldenberg, was born in Moscow in 1968, and began to study music at the age of 10.

In 1987 he graduated Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire Musical College as a pianist and as a musicologist, and after it in 1993 graduated Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire with excellent marks as a composer (prof. A.S.Leman), in 1994 - as a pianist (prof. O.M. Zhukova), and as an organist (prof. S.L. Dizhur). Also studied polyphony (prof. J.N. Kholopov), musical analysis (prof. V.V. Zaderatsky), orchestration (prof. N.P. Rakov). In 1996 he finished postgraduate studies as a pianist (prof. O.M. Zhukova).

He also studied abroad as a participant of master courses with M. Haselboeck (Austria), J. Guillou (France), P. Kee (Holland), S. Szatmary (Hungary), E. Kooiman (Holland), J.van der Kooy (Holland), L. Lohmann (Germany), J. Trummer (Austria), C. Wolf (Germany), G. Rost (Austria).

Besides, he works in Professional Organ Class of prof. Kei Koito in Lausanne Conservatoire.

Already during the studies in Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire Igor Goldenberg took part in many concerts and festivals as a pianist and as a composer; such as Moscow Scriabin`s Festival (Tower Hall of the House of Unions, Moscow 1992, Piano pieces of A. Scriabine), Russian-American Festival (The Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, 1992, «Pierrot Lunaire» by A.Schoenberg), Igor Stravinsky Festival (The Small Hall of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, 1993, Three fragments of the ballet «Petroushka» by I. Stravinsky), «Russia-France» Festival (The Rachmaninov Hall of Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire, 1998, «A Catalog Of Birds» by O. Messiaen), Festival of Contemporary Music in Portugal (2001, Trio by Schostakovich, works by S. Goubaidullina, I. Stravinsky, A. Schnittke).

After graduating a Conservatoire he began to give the recitals as an organist and took part in some organ festivals in Russia (among other things - «Hommage to the organ» in Archangelsk, where played works by N.de Grigny, J.S. Bach, F. Liszt and I. Goldenberg) and for instance festival «Bach de Lausanne» in Switzerland (played North German baroque repertoire).

Also he performed with Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire students choir a «Hohe Mass» in h-moll by J.S. Bach in transcription of Igor Goldenberg for the choir and organ and performed a «Symphony of Psalms» of I. Stravinsky in transcription for choir, organ, 2 piano and timpani.

As an organist he worked with such renowned conductors as V. Fedosseev, M. Pletnev, S. Sondetskis as well as with Moscow Chamber Choir under V. Minin and with the singer I. Archipova.

He works now as a teacher of piano and piano-duo in Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire Musical College and as a concertmaster in Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatoire in the class of Symphony conducting.

In addition to that, he is the founder of «Sebastien Ensemble», which performs a repertoire, giving particular attention to early music, to J.S. Bach, taking care to adopt appropriate performance techniques, according to the historical period in which the piece was written. The «Sebastian Ensemble» performs also the contemporary music.

As a composer he is an author of Theme and Variations for piano, Sonate for violine and piano, Songs for soprano and piano, Concerto for the organ-solo, Concerto for the orchestra, Four poems by Basyo for voice, violin, harp and organ, and many other works.

Igor Goldenberg is a grant holder of International Non-profit Programme «New Names», member of Russian Union of Composers.