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Sergey Suvorov

Sergey Suvorov (cello) , Russia


Sergei Suvorov was born in 1984 in Moscow. At various periods he learned cello under the guidance of A.N. Seleznev, T.Y. Guldan and V.M. Birina. From 1999 to 2003 he studied in London with Professor Stefan Popov, and during this period he twice won «Suggia Award». The musician has participated in master classes of many distinguished cellists, including Daniil Shafran, Boris Pergamenshikov, Natalya Gutman, Natalya Shakhovskaya, Stiven Isserlis. A very strong impact on Sergei's development has been made by Alexander Rudin.

In 1994 Sergey won the International Cello Competition in License (Austria) and became a scholarship holder and a permanent member of the International Programme «The New Names». In 1996 he won the first prize at the Moscow Cello Competition and in 1998 - the first prize at the Moscow competition of chamber ensembles as a member of chamber trio.

Musician's concert activity began at 11 when he played his first recital. He performs at many concert venues in Moscow and Russia. His art was also represented in Germany, Britain, France, Austria, Poland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Belgium, Spain, Luxembourg, Serbia and Jordan. He played with such conductors as Alexander Rudin, V. Fedoseev, Lin Tao, A. Skulsky V. Dudarova, E. Bushkov, P. Gerstein. S. Suvorova. S. Suvorov's scenic partners at different times were Nikolai Lugansky, Denis Matsuev, Graf Murzha, Leonid Gorokhov, Maxim Rysanov, Ekaterina Metchetina, Daniel Propper, Boris Brovtsin etc. Together with I. Gorsky (piano) and E. Varavka (clarinet) he participates in the «Pure Music» trio.

In addition to the traditional cello repertoire Sergey plays a lot of transcriptions of works for violin, including Zimbalist' «Fantasia» on themes from Rimsky-Korsakov' The Golden Cockerel, the Third Sonata (ballad) of E. Ysaye, Glazunov' Concerto for Violin and music from Shostakovich' ballets (arranged for violin by G. Feigin).

Currently Sergey Suvorov is a cello pupil of Professor Yang-Chang Cho at the Essen High School of Music (Germany).