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Ilze Liepa

Ilze Liepa (ballet dancer) , Russia


Ilze Liepa was born in Moscow in the family of famous the Bolshoi Theatre's dancer Marice Liepa and dramatic Pushkin' Theatre actress Margarita Zhigunova. She finished the Moscow Academic Choreographic School (now it is called «Moscow Choreographic Academy»). After the Academy, Ilse was admitted to the troupe of the Bolshoi Theatre.

Her artistic career at the Bolshoi Theatre succeeded not at once. For some time she was dancing in corps de ballet in operas «Carmen», «Ivan Susanin», «Prince Igor», «Khovanzchina», and ballets «Don Quixote», «Raymonda», «Le Corsaire», «Anyuta» and many others.

Having realized that sometimes the well-known name might rather be the obstacle to creative growth than to assist it, Ilze achieved her own breakthrough to the big stage. Her first recital took place in 1989 in the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall. For a corps de ballet dancer, even of the Bolshoi Theatre, it was a courageous deed. In the concert titled «Life without Words» the stars of Russian and World ballet took part. This program had a great success by audience and was unreservedly welcomed by exacting and severe ballet critics. Since then Ilze Liepa' annual artistic reports have become an outstanding occurrence in Moscow cultural life.

In Ilze' artistic life the Marice Liepa Charity Fund, headed by Ilze's brother Andrice, has matter. In the limits of «Russian Seasons XXI» project Ilze performed the leading parts in ballets of Dyagilev seasons such as «Scheherazade», «Blue God», and «Bolero» revived by A. Liepa. Especially for her the leading Russian and foreign choreographers (Jillian Linn, Wayne Eagling, Yurius Smoriginas, Yegor Druzhinin) put on the stage ballets, pas de deux and pas seul in which she successfully performs during her numerous tours in Russia and abroad.

On the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre Ilze' creative abilities were realized to the full extent when famous French choreographer Rolan Petit offered her the part of Countess in «La Dame de Pique» ballet. Work with choreographer of such a high level has done a lot for Ilze as a ballet dancer as well as an actress. This role brought her and Nikolai Tsiskaridze who performed the part of German, the State Prize of Russia of 2003 and the highest theatrical award - «The Gold Mask» Prize (2003).

In 1996 I. Liepa was awarded to the title of Honored Artist of Russia, in 2002 - to the title of People's Artist of Russia.

In I. Liepa' store of creativity are six drama performances. The first one «Your Sister and Prisoner» by play of Razumovskaya, where Ilze had the part of Mary Stuart, was awarded «The Crystal Turandot» Prize. For the part of Empress Ekaterina in performance of «Modern» theatre (the author and stage director is Andrei Maksimov), Ilze was awarded «The Chaika» (Seagull) Prize.

In 2002 she performed Marquise de Lurse in stage performance «Frames of Decency» (Mayakovsky Theatre);
In 2003 - she played the role of Agent Paul in stage performance of «The Birthday of Blue Beard» (Mayakovsky Theatre);
In 2005 - Jenny Lindt and Snow Queen in the «An-der-sen» show (stage director is O. Subbotina);
In 2007 - Natalia Dmitrievna in Y. Lyubimov' stage performance of «Woe from Wit» (Taganka Theatre).

Mrs. Liepa has acted in movies repeatedly. These films are: «Glittering World», «Bambi's Childhood», «Lermontov», «Mikhailo Lomonosov», «Empire in Danger», «Impostors», and «Love Me».

Her schedule is planned for many months ahead. It is a rule, that her every season is marked by a premiere.

Among the recent events is ballet «Lesson» presented in the scope of worldwide project «Kings of Dance», where Ilze again danced with Nikolai Tsiskaridze, as well as with the Bolshoi Theatre' premiere Maria Alexandrova.