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MSSO' Soloists: Summer Evenings at the Ancient Hall


MSSO' Soloists: Summer Evenings at the Ancient Hall

Arkhangelskoye is the famous historical estate of the Yusupovs – a Russian noble family descended from the monarchs of the Nogai Horde, renowned for their immense wealth, philanthropy and art collections in the 18th and 19th centuries. Wonderful Park, an exquisite architecture and luxury halls interiors of the Arkhangelskoye, called “a Near Moscow Versailles”, concur the residence of French kings.

Music sounds differently here…These statues and paintings keep in memory uproarious court masquerades, concerts of the first Russian performances of Mozart’s and Haydn’s works, sounds of steps and laugh of the Odoyevsky and the Golitsyn families, Pushkin, Vyazemsky, Herzen, Ogarev, Serov, Benois and Stravinsky, and the Emperors’ pace of all the Rulers of Russia starting with the Emperor Alexander I.

The third summer concert season of the Ensemble of MSSO’ Soloists will take place at the Oval Hall of the Palace of Arkhangelskoye. New kind of summer week-ends is a result of cooperation between the Museum and the Ensemble: the rest with friends, sweethearts or children is starting on the beach on the bank of the Moskva River or the ponds. Then a wonderful Promenade through the Prince Park with endless sightseeing and unique collections and then the evening full of romance will be ceased by the concert at the Oval Hall. Between the authentic statues and Venetian mirrors you will enjoy charming melodies inside the interiors for which they were composed to be performed in.

This year The Ensemble of the MSSO’ Soloists dedicated “Summer Evenings at the Ancient Hall” to the great music composed in Austrian Empire. Haydn and Mozart, Schubert and Gluck, Brahms and Beethoven, Farkas and Enescu, Doppler and Dvorak were composing in huge Habsburgs’ domain. An immortal beauty of the works by great composers will be presented inside the bright acoustics of the Oval Hall. For real harmony and summer mood while you are staying in Moscow – the expression of the favorite classical works in the atmosphere of the ancient Arkhangelskoye.

Tickets booking: +7 (499) 763-35-39 and online 

Price for ticket – 1200 rubles (=22 dollars, =20 euro, we send tickets for rubles only)

May, 20th, 21th, 5 p.m - The Secrets of a Vienna Salon – Mozart&Schubert

June, 3rd, 4th, 5 p.m. - The Carpathians Valleys’ SerenadesFarkas&Enescu&Doppler&Dvorak

June, 17th, 18th , 5 p.m.- Prince's name dayHaydn&Gluck&Mozart

September, 2nd, 3rd, 4 p.m. - The Bohemian Rhapsodes – Dvorak&Janacek&Brahms